Hunting Trophy Fees

Note :
  • No trophy is payable until succesfully hunted.
  • Animals wounded and lost will be deemed hunted and will be payable.
  • Trophy fees are payable  at the end of the hunt and will be invoiced in Africa.
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Baboon$ 350.00General
Black Wildebeest$ 1 550.00General
Blesbok$ 1 000.00General
Blue Wildebeest$ 1 500.00General
Caracal$ 350.00Opportunity
Damara DikDik$ 1 850.00Request
Duiker$ 450.00General
Cape Eland$ 1 950.00General
Gemsbok (<40 inches)$ 1 000.00General
Gemsbok (>40 inches)$ 1 850.00General
Giraffe$ 2 750.00Request
Impala$ 850.00General
Jackal$ 350.00Opportunity
Klipspringer$ 1 850.00Request
Kudu (female)$ 1 000.00General
KuduĀ $ 1 850.00General
Ostrich$ 900.00Request
Red Hartebeest$ 850.00General
Springbok$ 700.00General
Steenbok$ 450.00General
Waterbuck$ 2 750.00General
Burchell's Zebra$ 1 700.00General
Hartmann Zebra$ 1 700.00General
Warthog$ 600.00General
Sable$ 16 000.00Request
Nyala$ 3 700.00Request