It’s a hunter’s dream-come-true and the ultimate skills test. Stalk unfamiliar game through the wildly diverse topography of Namibia and South Africa. Experienced BushTrailss outfitters, highly trained Professional Hunters (PH*), and native field guides who will take you into 2.1-million acres of privately- owned game areas and to our leased 25,000+ acre ranches on hunts geared to the sustainability of each species. BushTrails prides itself on a reputation second-to-none in the industry. From the moment you step off the plane, to the final shipment of your trophies, we’re committed to offering you a first-class experience along every step.

*Professional Hunters (PH) in Namibia earn that designation only after going through a rigorous training program, passing a state-sponsored written exam and field test, and following up with a two-year apprenticeship on a game or hunting ranch. Professional Hunters ensure ethical hunting conduct, validate that the hunts are legal, oversee the proper use of Namibia’s natural resources in a sustainable manner and pass on their vast knowledge of the country’s flora and fauna. And most importantly, they ensure the well-being and safety of their clients.