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If you are doing a Photographic or Adventure Safari you will only be able to have laundry done if we are overnighting at one location for more than one night, have a look at your itinerary or speak to us to determine laundry possibilities during you’re safari and pack accordingly.

Always pack a couple of changes of underclothes extra – you never know when a lion might scare you into having an accident!!!

Cross pack!! In other words, if you are travelling in a group – everybody pack half their clothes in everybody else’s suitcase. In that way, if one suitcase goes missing, nobody is left with no clothing!!

NEVER pack any valuables in your check luggage – to avoid theft at the airports. Pack all valuables (camera’s, binoculars, etc.) in your carry on luggage. Also have at least one change of underclothes in your carry on.

On Adventure and Safari trips, recharging batteries is difficult – so invest in some extra batteries or a backup charger.